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Send Me Mail!

At this point there’s no guarantee that the mail will arrive here before I leave, so e-mail is best! Thanks for all the letters and packages!


Comment from Grandmom
Time December 30, 2008 at 4:02 pm

Just returned from visiting Hathaway family in Florida. Good trip. Wanted to tell them more about your life in Tansania but did not have the word to reach you while on Rich Hathaway’s PC. Girija who is now in her second year of college (or in between 2nd and 3rd) would like very much to hear about your adventures. I plan to tell her to try “Kipilofti” and I hope that is OK with you! I plan to send you a package of some of the things you indicated you would like. I had no luck with the conditioner request but I will keep trying. Girja is on aol. girijah@aol.com just in case you don’t mind including her. Her parents and sister will hear about it from her I’m sure. Her sister’s baby, Grandpa Cay’s great granddaughter, was the star of every get together we had the past few days. Love, Gmom

Comment from Grandmom
Time January 26, 2009 at 2:25 pm

Dear Marie,
We enjoyed having your parents visit us for supper at Riderwood last evening.
I have been busy with my job as Plot Manager for the gardens here. There are 157 plots and about 130 residents interested in using them. Needless to say, they are not all good at responding to the written notes we put in their “cubbies”(in house mail) and I need to call some tof ind out if they want their plots tilled by Riderwood staff this spring. In addition my job assigning delivery duties to a different group who deliver left over food to a place in Laurel, Maryland three times a week for hungry people in the community takes several hours every month. I try to attend yoga and aerobic classes regularly as Ithink it is good for me. We did not go in to DC to watch the inauguration festivities last week. We watched on the big secreen in our theatre here with a fairly good crowd of other residents and guests. We enjoyed seeing it as it happened and think our new President will do a good job.
Yesterday afternoon I put in my four hours as cashier at the Montgomery County Thrift Shop which I do once or twice a month. Sunday afternoon is a good time for me as there is no charge at the parking lot just behind and the traffic is much less going home when the Shop closes at four compared to weekdays.
I hope your teaching experience is working out well now that you have finally started!
Love, Grandmom