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School on Saturday

Every day we arrive at Swahili school at 8 and leave around 4 (although we’re technically supposed to leave at 5). With 40 hours of school during the week, you’d think we’d get a whole weekend off, but we have half- or whole-days on Saturday as well (Sunday is off). Today we went until lunch, finally learning present tense negatives (I’ve just been sticking “no” in front of things to negate them, which is icky) and the habitual tense. Then we walked into town. Anita and I quickly outpaced the rest of them, and wound up wandering around the market after several failed attempts to get into Internet cafes (they were very crowded). Eventually we found one in sort of a back parking lot behind the main street. The connection is not the fastest but we didn’t have to wait…

I have all these letters that I’ve written in the past two weeks, but whenever I pass the post office it’s closed. I was really hoping it would be open this afternoon, but I guess the postmaster is really lazy or the hours are very strange, because they were closed again today. I’ll ask our teacher Paul or my mama if he can buy me some stamps if he’s in town during the day at some point.

Other than that, not too much to report. Yesterday we all got together at CCT for our first Friday of boring security and health information. We made our water filters for our sites with two more government issue buckets (we already had one for bucket baths), a spigot, and a ceramic filter. Making the holes in the buckets was an arduous task.

Swahili still going well. Still enjoying my host family. Settling in apace. Over and out.


Comment from Chris
Time September 27, 2008 at 8:41 am

As I understand it, 51 /2 day school weeks (or even 6 full days) are standard in many parts of the world.

Or you just have a lot of language to learn in a little time!

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