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Archive for November, 2008

Nataka barua

Briefly, there’s now a link on the left about how and why you should send me mail. I’m really looking forward to the cold climate and mosquito-less-ness (and maybe, I hear, CHEESE) of Makete. More later.

Kituo cha kazi

I’ll be where I expected (and hoped) to be placed, in Makete, halfway between Njombe and Mbeya on an apparently AWFUL road, in the mountains! Really high in the mountains! It will be cold! Once I have an address, send me blankets and sweaters! I’m super excited. Eleven of our thirty-one person class got placed […]

Moro mpaka Dar

Shadow was good; relaxing. We woke up at 5 to catch the 6 A.M. bus out of Mpwapwa. On the way out, I watched the sun rising over the mountains and desert. Baobab trees gave way to acacia, and then I blinked and we were back in the lush greenery of Morogoro, only briefly before […]

Kama ndizi

Woke up early so I could wait at our pick-up point and then at the bus stand (the bus was an hour late) for the bus out to our shadow site. Bill and I were squished into the back seat with four other people. When the bus went over bumps I left the seat, and […]

And then there were 31

Shannon left a couple weeks ago voluntarily; Tim was just told to go home. So now we’re 31.

Piga Picha

Just uploaded the last of the pictures on my flash drive (through a week or two ago) to Flickr. Link at left. Again, a reminder: to see pictures of people and not just pretty scenery, you have to (a) have a Flickr account, (b) be a friend of mine on Flickr, and (c) be logged […]

Mimi na mwamvuli wangu

When I went to sleep last night, it was raining. When I woke up this morning, it was raining. When I walked to school, it was raining. Mama told me to take one of their umbrellas and I didn’t argue: the rain was pretty hard. I love the rain, so I was pretty thrilled. As […]

Kuamka mapema

I got up at 5.30 A.M., not that much earlier than my normal time but it felt way earlier because the sun wasn’t up yet. Left the house a little after six to walk to the Acropol Hotel, where all the PCTs gathered to watch the election coverage. Soon after we got there it started […]

Kama Kawaida

It’s Sunday, our one day off. Mama takes me with her to the duka (small neighborhood shop) to buy food for lunch. She stops to chat with many people on the way and ascertains the whereabouts of Evitha, who has gone out to play. At the duka I chat with the man working there in […]

Dala-Dala Antics

We were in town to pick things up from the tailor (this dress is more like what I wanted but still not great–I have two other kitenges, one which I like and one which I love, but I think I’ll wait on other dresses until I get to site and can suss out a good […]