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Very quickly: house is huge and empty and was devoid of anything except furniture when I arrived. It’s a replacement site so I’d been expecting at least some kitchen stuff and sheets and a blanket┬ábut I guess it walked off with Tanzanians, which really sucks. The back doorhandle is broken and doesn’t lock so I have to use the (also broken) deadbolt to secure it. When I first got there I had to carry all my luggage over and then I found the broken door and just sort of collapsed against it and cried, but things have improved. I bought some things at the market but the house is still desolate (there are THREE bedrooms because it was built for a family). The Peace Corps definitely does not give us enough money for settling in. It’s disheartening.

On the plus side, I do have a beautiful view of the mountains, and the roof doesn’t leak.


Comment from Tim
Time December 1, 2008 at 12:40 pm


Remember, you will encounter nothing that 6-10 Tuskers can not handle!

Hope your own space lets you breathe deep, relax, and get to it.

Best of luck,

Comment from Grandmom
Time December 1, 2008 at 8:24 pm

Dear Marie, As you are finding out, life has many ups and downs! We are hoping you have more “ups” in the near future! We had a nice visit with Kyle and Missy. They spent most of last Friday with us. Grandpa Cay took us to the Wood Shop here at Riderwood and they cut “bear” shapes out of plywood for toys. Do you remember the “Climbing Bear” which would climb when one pulls one rope at a time? We worked on six of them! It turns out that it is important to have the right rope (cord) to allow the bear to climb and then fall back when the rope ends are released. We made faces on the bears with acrylic paints. We also had a nice dinner cooked in our apartment for 8 of us. Another important activity was looking at old photo albums of family gatherings which I had put in albums.
Wednesday we will have Grandpa Cay’s son, Rich Hathaway, here for a couple of days. He has not been here in a long time and he feels it is time to check up on how things are here. We go to Florida Christmas Day to visit them.
Keep up the good work! We are proud that you are doing such an important job for the good of the WORLD! Love, Grandmom

Comment from Grandmom
Time December 1, 2008 at 8:51 pm

Dear Marie,
Did you get the comments I sent earlier this evening? I can not tell if it went.
My Christmas Cactus has decided to bloom so I put it outside the door for people using the hall to see. I pulled out Christmas decorations today and found I have too many. I will save them for you to choose some when you come home.
I made an apple pie to take to the party in Arlington Thanksgiving Day. It was OK but could have been better. I am out of practice and also do not have the space I had to do such things! Love, Grandmom

Comment from Chris
Time December 2, 2008 at 8:40 am

6-10 Tuskers? Did they turn you into a beer drinker???

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