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Birthday yangu

Jess and Bret came yesterday to celebrate my birthday early. It was a lot of fun: we made pirogues (delicious!) and chocolate cake (which turned out more like brownies because I got distracted and forgot to put in the salt and baking powder) and then watched Hot Fuzz and then somehow it was one in the morning and we sat around and chatted. We assembled my guest bed around two in the morning and slept in. I hadn’t seen any wazungu for two weeks and I definitely needed it. It was great.

But: they’re now semi-officially dating (although they haven’t told their villagers yet). I was expecting it and I think it’s great, and I’m pretty sure it won’t change the dynamic of our interactions (they’ve been quite close for a while) or how often they visit (not often), but…! I’d been sort of hoping that by coming to Africa I’d get out of the all-my-friends-are-couples thing! Wishful thinking, I guess.


Comment from Chris
Time March 1, 2009 at 7:15 am

I’ve been eating perogies this week for the first time in ages, they’re still yummy! I bet fresh ones are even better. But whose spelling is right?

(Looks it up)

“Pierogi (also perogi, perogy, pirohi, piroghi, pirogi, pirogen, pierogy, pirohy, or pyrohy)” Wow, language.

Re: dating, are they both on board for two years? I think I would be afraid of dating the nearest American for the next really long time!

Comment from Ron
Time March 4, 2009 at 7:15 am

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! ( How do you say that in Swahili?)

Sounds like things are starting to improve. That’s great.


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