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I think I’ve used up all my mail karma for the next year.

While I was in Dar I texted with Jess, visiting Makete to get money, essentials, and mail. She warned me that Posta Mama said I had a lot of packages, but I wasn’t expecting twelve (!!!) packages and as many letters. It’s quite overwhelming! I want to save some of them to open later but I’m not sure I have that much self-control…

With all these packages, I’m pretty sure I have everything I could possibly need (aside from media and information). Letters are the way of the future!

My conclusion is that I need to start writing letters right now to start building up my mail karma again!


Comment from Mair
Time April 13, 2009 at 1:04 pm

Just a quick note to say that your lovely postcard (dated Jan 27) arrived to Rosemont today (April 13)!! I am glad the package took “only” two weeks. Indeed. x/m

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