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Useful Acronyms

PC Peace Corps
ICT Information & Communications Technology
PCT Peace Corps Trainee (pre-swearing-in)
PCV Peace Corps Volunteer (post-swearing-in)
PST Pre-Service Training
CBT Community-Based Training


And then there are days like this. The kittens slept through the night in my bed; I woke to two small purring solidnesses on the ridge of my sleeping body.

Until yesterday I was going over exam answers with classes; Friday is a holiday. I hate imbalance and love symmetry, so these two days between exam review and holiday rankle. When I go up to the school and walk into the lab I have an almost physical reaction of desire to be somewhere, anywhere else. It’s one of the days when I consider the logistics of going home. The best time, I think, would be to teach one more term and leave in early December of this year, home for Christmas without having to come back. In front of the lab computer, staring listlessly at the screen, it seems a very appealing plan indeed.

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