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Kompyuta nyingi

This past weekend my headmaster came back, bringing with him donated technology. About 40 CPUs, in various states of workingness (many missing hard drives, CD drives, many old); several dozen monitors; keyboards, mice, two digital projectors, overhead projectors, office furniture, and, randomly, an antique sewing machine.

Although I’d thought classes ended last Friday, it turns out that they run through this week. Thankfully, all these new computers mean that there are more pressing things for me to deal with: figuring out how to clone computers; putting the lab into some sort of order; figuring out how to use the projector (which I’m very excited about).

I have high hopes that the extra computers and the projector (and preparation that I plan to do over break) will make teaching next semester more manageable, less dread-able.


Comment from Herr Jenkins
Time May 29, 2009 at 6:42 am

Ahoy! I think I mentioned this, but if you need any software or downloads or anything, let me know. Downloading, say, a complete install disc for Linux is bound to be faster here than there.

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