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Maji yanatoka!

Walking back to my house this evening, I noticed a kid at the tap in the back, filling a bucket with water. As a rule this would be par for the course here, but today it made me unutterably happy: the water had been out for more than a week, and on the walk home I’d been mentally weighing the fact that I really needed to bathe against the fact that it would use up most of my remaining water. I only had water at all thanks to a fortuitous heavy storm, the first of the season, last Thursday, which netted me 80L of water.

So, so many things I can’t do without water! As soon as I walked in the door I started refilling all my buckets (130L worth–I filled them all this time. May sound like a lot but think about all the things you use water for in a day) in case the water cut out again, then started heating water for a bath. I washed dishes, flushed the toilet, washed my underwear (which was getting to be a desperate situation: only one clean pair left!), mopped the floor to get rid of the smell of cat pee, cleaned the toilet, started boiling more water for drinking once the bathwater was ready. Bathed, wonderfully. Every time I bathe here I rejoice in being clean, and then forget how wonderful it is until the next week.

And now I’m clean and tired from all that work, but deeply happy to think about the full buckets of water in the bathroom and kitchen. Even if the water goes off again, it should last for another week.


Comment from Jan
Time December 4, 2009 at 10:02 pm

Hi Marie,

So sorry for the long gap since I last wrote to you!

My neighbours have all been complaining bitterly about Verizon this week, (as we all do.) But they are mad because their phone and cable have been out for over a week. Everything packed up Last Thursday the 26th of November, and dear old Verizon is refusing to come out until next week. Even though they know it is their network problem! Some of our neighbours have been without phone and cable now for over two weeks.

Anyway your blogg and your lack of water reminded me of just how lucky we are here! Goodness, a phone or cable outage is annoying and indeed extremely annoying for two of our neighbours as like me they work from home. But it is still nothing compared with how over half the world lives.

I will read more of your lovely bloggs tomorrow as I am very tired now.

Please look after yourself and see you in January.


Jan x x x x

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