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Back in Tanzania since Sunday, I have a week in Dar es Salaam for my class’s Mid-Service Conference (which is exactly what it sounds like) before I head back to Makete.

So tonight we all had dinner together at the Badminton Institute, an Indian restaurant downtown. We’d planned to arrive at 6 but did so to find that the restaurant didn’t open until 7 (we sipped passionfruit juice at the side of the road, waiting). What with the complexity of paying both a food and a drinks tab for 30 people, I didn’t get back to where I was staying until 10.30, late for me in any country even when I’m not jet-lagged.

Thanking my lucky stars that I’m staying with friends of the family rather than at a hostel (and feeling a bit guilty at leaving so early and staying out so late), I walked into the house, said goodnight to my gracious hosts, and stepped into the shower to wash off the grime of the city.

Dar is a very grimy city. All day I kept looking at my feet, disbelieving that they were so filthy, and rubbing a patch clean, marveling at the grossness. There’s clove soap in the shower, and I emerge feeling clean and smelling wonderful, like Christmas potpourri.

And then, to bed. Despite some jet lag, I managed to stay awake all day today (unlike yesterday, which featured two naps of two and three hours, as well as an early bedtime).


Comment from Chris
Time January 15, 2010 at 11:07 am

We miss you already!

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