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Useful Acronyms

PC Peace Corps
ICT Information & Communications Technology
PCT Peace Corps Trainee (pre-swearing-in)
PCV Peace Corps Volunteer (post-swearing-in)
PST Pre-Service Training
CBT Community-Based Training


Since I woke up this morning, my shoulders and left arm have felt strange, as though someone took them apart and wasn’t quite sure how to put them back together. My shoulders ache; my arm twinges strangely when it’s in perfectly normal positions. I have no idea why.

The weather has been apathetic lately. Walking home this evening I looked up at the half-grey half-blue sky, listening to distant rumblings, and imagine that the sky was like me, knowing that it should be raining but really not wanting to get out of bed.

I’ve been experiencing a strange overlapping of dreaming and waking. My dreams, never particularly elaborate or unbelievable, have seemingly become so prosaic that I forget that the things I dream about and the things I do in life are different. Like: I couldn’t decide, earlier today, if I’d actually been in Philadelphia yesterday. I dream about doing things here and then can’t figure out if my subconscious is screwing with me or not. It’s like high school, when my mom would knock on the door to wake me up and I’d roll over, go back to sleep, and dream that I was getting up an getting ready for school. When she knocked again, telling me to get dressed, I’d mumble “but I am!”

P.S. I scheduled my done-with-Peace-Corps meeting. It’ll be the morning of October 28, after which I will be home. In time for Halloween. Crazy!

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