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Annie has been on nine types of transportation in this country (plane, taxi, boat, Land Rover/Landcruiser, lumber lorry, pick-up, bus, coaster, dala-dala), the last six of them modes of transportation locals used. “You travel a lot,” she told me, clarifying that she meant that we travel for a long time rather than frequently.

And it’s true: to get to the 4th of July party we got on a coaster at 6 A.M., got off in Njombe around 1.30, got on another coaster to Mafinga, arrived there around 4.30, then waited for a lorry that never came and wound up in a cab instead, arriving at maybe 8.30 at night. We stayed for two nights, then spent two more leisurely days coming home again. Soon we’ll be on the road again, heading up to Iringa so she can get on her bus to Dar. Then I’ll get a flu shot in Njombe, and then be back at site for good, at least until September break. It’ll definitely be nice to be home at site for a while.

Not that the trip wasn’t nice: Zanzibar was beautiful (except for the obnoxious touts who hounded our every step) and I loved just walking around Stonetown; the animals in Ruaha were amazing; and it was good to have my family here, if for a short time. They stayed in Makete for a night and then we all went to Mama Jully’s village, where we were overwhelmed with Tanzanian kindness and hospitality.

Before the family trip I saw some Mbeya folks and went up to Lushoto, which is incredibly beautiful, then spent a few days with my host family in Morogoro. It’s been a very busy few weeks. Apologies to all of you who wrote me e-mails/letters/&c. and have not yet received a response. It’s been quite some time since I’ve had Internet access!


Comment from Lloyd Banwart
Time July 21, 2009 at 10:52 am

I hope this finds your service going well, ‘m writing to inquire a bit about Tanzania. I found your blog on a website that listed PCVs blogs from various counties. I’m an RPCV from the Philippines. My girlfriend will be moving to Tanzania for a contract position with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC); based in Dar. I hope to be re-locating there next summer for a short time. I have a limitless faith in PCV in country networks and the knowledge you each have.

She has been adviced to purchase a car to navigate Dar and that housing will cost her upwards of the same as it is Stateside in metropolitan areas; amongst other things, I would like to here the input of a PCV.

If you have time I was hoping you could offer your advice for someone moving to Tanzania but being based in Dar?

Please feel free to email me at Lloyd_Banwart@yahoo.com

Thanks so much, good luck with the rest of your service!


Lloyd O. Banwart

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