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Najaribu kufanya

I get home to frantic cats, desperate for food and attention, in that order. I attend to the food right away and they’re occupied for a good two minutes before they start following me around as I settle into the house, rubbing up against my legs and mewing plaintively. Unpacking toiletries, I notice that they’ve spurned their litterboxes for the corner by the shower room; cleaning up cat feces, I manage to clog the toilet; hauling buckets of water in to unclog the toilet, I somehow bend the latch on the kitchen door.

Whoever built my house, in their infinite shoddy-building-ness, managed to break off the heads of the screws holding the locking mechanism into the door on the end, where the latch is. So I can’t just take out the locking mechanism and repair it. Thankfully, this is the only door in the house where the screw securing the latch is accessible without taking the whole mechanism out, so I remove the latch and bend it back into shape.

Screwing it back in, I lose the screw into the mechanism. There is no hope of retrieving it.

I look at the various parts of my door on the kitchen table and sigh. The cats don’t share my despair: they’re loving this opportunity to explore the kitchen without being chased out (normally they’re not allowed in). I really don’t want to go into the market and try to find a new screw: I’m tired and need a break from people. But if I don’t the cats will be in and out of the kitchen and will soon find that there are things in there that are good to eat, so just leaving it until tomorrow is not an option. After a little hunting, I determine that a screw from a socket adapter will work, if it’s shorter. I cut it down with a hacksaw, replace the latch, re-screw the handles, and the door is fixed. I fix the toilet, too, for good measure, then finish unpacking.

And now I’m on my bed, the cats sitting on my stomach together purring, contented at last.


Comment from Kit
Time July 27, 2009 at 8:08 am

You, miss, are skillful.

Comment from Mair
Time July 27, 2009 at 12:59 pm

Ditto that! Fun, in its way, no?

Comment from Chris
Time July 27, 2009 at 9:04 pm

Oh, cats.

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