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It’s a strange twilight time for me–half the time I feel that I’ll be home unspeakably soon; the other half, I feel that it’s unbelievably far away. In the first mindset, I spend a contented afternoon figuring out exactly what camera and computer I’ll buy when I get home (a Canon SX200 and a System76 Lemur, if you’re curious) and the subsequent evening slowly realizing that, factoring in shipping time, it’ll be two months until I have either gadget in my possession. There is a gap of six weeks between thought and action, and it’s so easy to forget that.

It doesn’t help, I think, that I’ve been reading the latest William Gibson book, Zero History. His more recent works have always put me in a strange mood, full of a desire to do something, to create, without any direction. I think wistfully of the half-finished projects waiting for me when I get back to the US, and make never-to-be-realized sketches in my notebook to try to get the energy out. The cats dash around the house like fuzzy maniacs, my skittishness somehow contagious.


Comment from Sam.
Time September 21, 2010 at 3:11 pm

Hooray! Another System76 owner! You’ll be the only one with whom I’m personally acquainted. Word of advice: uninstall Ubuntu and replace it with Linux Mint, a Ubuntu derivative. The project that manages it doesn’t release as many updates, which means that each update is a lot less buggy than the typical Ubuntu update. They also install the perfect combination of packages to allow you to play proprietary media formats, meaning *everything* works straight out of the box. I just replacedUbuntu 9.10 on my Wilp5 and have been a happy camper ever since!

Comment from mair
Time September 22, 2010 at 5:43 pm

You will be home mid-October, yes? Come spend a country weekend when you are all settled in? x/m

Comment from Nate Bloss
Time September 25, 2010 at 10:51 am

Hi. My name is Nate Bloss; im a PCV in Namibia. Ill finish in December and three of us plan to do some travel in Tanzania. Were wondering if you could give us a little advice.

The questions we have:

1. Can we free hike around Tanzania? We do that in Namibia all the time, but dont know if we can there.

2. Were planning on coming into Tanzania from Mozambique. Do you know a good way to do that? Bus, train? Right now were just planning on traveling straight up to Zanzibar, but maybe you know of something we shouldnt miss on the eastern coast?

3. Any recommendations for Zanzibar. Well have about a week there.

4. After Zanzibar I wanted to head to Uganda. Whats the best way to travel from Dar to Uganda? Im extending next year in Kenya, so I probably wont want to do much in Northern Tanzania, as ill be able to do it next year. But for future reference, is there anything we shouldnt miss up there (other than kilimanjaro, i hiked that last december).

5. Do you know what the visa cost is for americans?

6. What else should we know about Tanzania?

Nate Bloss

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