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Kazi: Nifanyaje?

My homecoming looming e’er closer (November 2nd—mark your calendars!) I’ve been considering more and more the sort of work I might be interested in when I get back, and have come to the non-conclusion that I don’t really know.

So I thought I’d put it to you, O anonymous readership: do you have any ideas about the sort of work I’d enjoy and excel at? Or do you happen to know someone looking for an engineer with an artistic bent? Leave your brilliant—or even not-so-brilliant—ideas in the comments.

(Check it out: I’ve got a résumé and everything.)


Comment from George
Time October 7, 2010 at 7:30 pm

Here are a few, just off the top of my head:
1. Duck mother, fostering ducklings and making sure they have a home with discipline
2. Being a fish full time instead of only occasionally on film
3. Making + designing jewelry for cats
4. Work for General Electric
5. there is no job #5
6. the RAND corporation
7. Honeywell Inc., #1 in toxic waste
8. bartending
9. landscaping
10. technical writer
11. CAD monkey
12. open a restaurant supply store
13. work for a wind power company
14. professional starcraft 2 player (you will need to get really good at SC2 if you aren’t already)
15. church organist and choir director
16. interior decorator
17. independent music critic and professional blogger
18. baker
19. candlestick maker

That is all I have floating around in my mind at the moment. If you can’t think of anything yourself I will try to give it more thought later.

Comment from George
Time October 7, 2010 at 7:35 pm

Also, your resume has a commond LaTeX quotes error, remember to use “ in the LaTeX source.

Comment from marie
Time October 7, 2010 at 11:34 pm

Fixed. Thanks.

Comment from Chris
Time October 8, 2010 at 7:35 pm

George, you’re fantastic.

Comment from Sam.
Time October 15, 2010 at 2:27 pm

And while you’re at it, why not use \LaTeX instead of boring old “LaTeX?”

Comment from Debby
Time October 18, 2010 at 8:36 am

Put your engineering and vision to use – solar plants being constructed in mojave desert:


(random viewer – son is PCV currently in Iringa area of TZ

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